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Men's Health Magazine - August 2017

Jeremy explained some outdoor exercises in an article available here.

Women's Health Magazine - November 2009

Jeremy was cited in the "Get-Fit Tricks" section.

"Working against gravity increases the load, and jumping incorporates different muscle fibers, which makes your workout more intense."

Check out the article page here.

Fitness Magazine - July 2008

Jeremy took part in the creation of an article, "Tone Every Zone".

"Exercises that work every angle of your core not only give you incredible abs, they also improve your posture and reduce your risk of injury."

Open the article page here.

Shape Magazine - February 2008

Jeremy designed "an effective routine that requires nothing more than a jump rope and a dumbbell."

Read the entire article page here.

Women's Health Magazine - November 2007

In this issue of Women's Health Magazine, Jeremy was ranked as one of America's Top Trainers.

7x7 SF - 2007

Selected Best Personal Trainer in San Francisco, Jeremy's "no-nonsense approach to fitness goes deep. [...] Cheung makes sure to change things up so you don't plateau or get bored, and his stellar physique is matched by humility and a great sense of humor."

Check out the entire page here.

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