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Our Classes

Fitness is not a one size fits all; we all have different goals, injury histories and levels of experience in the gym. With that in mind, The Performance Fix designs an individual program design for each member based on what your fitness goals are.

The low client to coach ratio makes it small enough that the “personal” in “personal training” is not lost and workouts are designed so that our clients work together making “getting stronger” more fun.


Small Group Personal Training

Each client works through their own individual program design based on their fitness goals, injury history, or gym experience in a non-competitive environment making “getting stronger” more fun.

Classes are 50 minutes long.

1:1 Sessions

Small group not for you? The Performance Fix also offers private, 1:1 training for those who want some additional attention.

These sessions are done outside of class times to allow you to feel comfortable and focused during your workouts.

Please contact Jeremy for more details.

Preparing you for the event of a lifetime.

BUMP fit is labor preparation. We will focus on three areas that will specifically prepare a woman physically and mentally for the challenges of natural childbirth:

  • Belly Training: designed to bring awareness and strengthen the entire core area including the diaphragm, the pelvic girdle, and the transverse abdominis muscle (TVA).

  • Strength Training and Corrective Exercises: programmed to keep you strong and balanced in preparation for the physical demands of having a child and life after.

  • Labor Training: a "sports-specific" training method emulating contraction and rest intervals preparing you for the physiological and mental-emotional challenges of the actual labor.

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